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Bologna: the three arrows of the island home ...

Bologna: the three arrows of the island home ...


There gallery Of Island court, connects with a series of welcoming internal shorts, Palazzo Isolani in via Santo Stefano with House Isolani on Str. Major n.19.

The latter, is characterized by a suggestive porch supported by very high beams in oak Of 9 meters on which the third floor rests ... and it is right under this porch, thanks to the mysterious presence of 3 arrows Start, that stories and legends were born.

The versions of the incident are of the most varied and imaginative.

The most famous tells of a Beautiful noblewoman accused by his husband of adultery:

Explanations and clarifications were of no use, because the husband, blinded by anger and jealousy, hired three archers to commit the murder that would pay for the wrong immediately.

To save herself, the cunning woman devised an effective expedient and decided to take off her clothes at an appropriate moment, remaining naked in their presence.

The archers, caught by surprise, did not go to the mischievous found and lashed out the three arrows in the erroneous direction that went to stuck in the now famous sub -author of the Isolani house.


Today, passing from there, there is always someone in the upnimo that amused, looking for arrows ... the real challenge is to find The much more difficult third arrow That hides Very well in the eyes of those who seek it.

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