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by MM Independent

Bologna Limited Edition MM Independent helmet

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The jet helmet MM Independent Blue and red color dedicated toBologna.

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Approved helmet Throughout Europe
  • Limited editionOnly 300 pieces available
  • Reflective coloringFor better night visibility
  • ComfortableResistantPractical

Graphicsin the shades ofBlue AndRed inspired by the colors of the city. Writings and finishes reliefGolden color also visible at night thanks to theChrometech® technology.

The cap depicts the symbols and mottos of the wonderful city of Bologna with particular reference to his 7 secrets (now famous all over the world).

On the Left side The basilica of San Petronioand, a little higher, it Stadium With the two balls (football and basketball) to which only in the city of Bologna among all Italian cities the equal relevance is given. Imprinted on the image of the stadium, the gold writing spreads "Bologna is an old lady... ", the incipit of the notorious text that the singer -songwriter Guccini He dedicated to the city.

To the base of the helmet, almost to make it all around, the Arcades, symbol par excellence of the city. Within each of their arches, some of the Secrets and the two views ofPiazza Maggiore, on the left side, and of San Luca, On the right side.

On the Right side The symbol statue of Bologna is depicted, the Neptune by Giambologna, whose arm is wrapped in two chrometech gold curves. Below, under one of the arcades, theUmarellThe man in old age who observesthe construction sites Evolving, Recently a cult symbol of the city and a trend throughout Italy has become. In addition, among the arches it is possible to take the face of the demon of Palazzo Bolognini and the shape of a Vespa 50 referring to the notorious single of the Lunapop single.

Posterior, on the neck, we find the two towers Symbol of the city: the Torre degli Asinelli and that of Garisenda. On the towers stands in gold the sugar and the characteristic glasses they represent From the, among the most loved artist from the city.

THE 7 secrets They are well hidden in the helmet design and we leave you the task of finding them.

Product inlimited edition. Only 300 pieces available. On each helmet there is the serial number (e.g. "1/300" selectable on request, subject to availability).

Cap materialABS
Spherical visortransparent, withscratch -resistant treatment And UV solar filter
Internal material: high-absorbing fabric of sweat and micro-foken network.
Fabrics with silver ion treatment for an effective bacterium-static.
Undercog with micrometric buckle.

Chrometech®It is the only coloring that has a reflective effectin any condition of brightness. For example, in the case of artificial lights such as cars headlights, Chrometech® reflects the light source, making itselfmuch more visible than a normal color.
This effect ofreflective allows themotorcyclist to beclearly visible on the road even long distance, above allin a night environment, giving the helmets depth and unparalleled recognition.

External material:


inABS with minimal design. Specific paints for an increasedResistance to atmospheric agents.


transparent, spherical with support in carbonScratch -resistant treatment With absorption of radiation up to 400 microns (UV Absorber) with sewn leather edge and with aeronautical carbon support support supports.

Internal material: high-absorbing fabric of sweat and micro-foken network. Fabrics with silver ion treatment for an effective bacterium-static.

Undercog with micrometric buckle.

Product 100% Made in Italy built with i Belleratorialeri by expert craftsmen. Each helmet is packaged with the utmost care and with great attention in details and in finishes.

Original packaging mm

Shipping € 8.50 on all national orders

Free and refund and reimbursement